2nd September 2017

w/ Oyha, Planete Sauvage


3rd September 2017

LIVE @ PULZART Festival (Transylvania, Romania)
w/ Anchorsong

Pas de Trai - Pure Music Festival

5th August 2017

LIVE @ Pas de Trai - Pure Music Festival (Sicily, Italy)
w/ Agnello, Valerio Mirone, Soøn, Dubmarta, Alessio Bondi, We Are Children, Mon etc

Tokyo Sound Land in London, Archspace

4th August 2017

LIVE @ Archspace (London, United Kingdom)
w/ Daisuke Tanabe, Yuppies Music

Tokyo Sound Land in London, The Rose Hill

2nd August 2017

LIVE @ The Rose Hill (Brighton, United Kingdom)
w/ Daisuke Tanabe, Yuppies Music

Slowdance 9 years on AIR / Moscow

1st July 2017

LIVE @ Gazgolder club (Moscow, Russia)
w/ Alexey Orlov, Azamat, Yone-Ko and many more

HOWL 1st Anniversary Party

15th July 2017

DJ @ HOWL (Tokyo, Japan) w/ Daito Manabe, Yosi Horikawa, Daisuke Tanabe, Kyoka Buy ticket via Peatix

RAINSTICK -Shinichi Atobe World Premiere Show-

2nd June 2017

DJ @ KGR'n (Tokyo, Japan) w/ Daito Manabe, Shinichi Atobe, Yosi Horikawa, Akiko Kitama, 食品まつり a.k.a foodman, RGL

co-produced 環ROY new album『なぎ』

Release Date : 21th June 2017

環ROY 『なぎ』 feat. Ametsub, Daisuke Tanabe, Taquwami, 小林うてな, Arμ-2 and more!

AMETSUB Europe Tour in May full dates annoucement!

Tokyo Sound Land pt.1 ft. Anchorsong, Daisuke Tanabe, Ametsub.

presented by Yuppies Music / tucker@yuppiesmusic.com.

05th May 2017

LIVE @ VK concerts (Brussels, UK) / Detail / fb page

06th May 2017

LIVE @ OT301 (Amsterdam, NL) / Detail / fb page

10th May 2017

LIVE @ Brudenell Social Club (Leeds, UK) / Detail

11th May 2017

LIVE @ Jazz Cafe (London, UK) / Detail / fb page

13th May 2017

LIVE @ Gretchen (Berlin, Germany) / Detail / fb page

Yosi Horikawa & Ametsub (dj) at Rough Rare

22th January 2017

DJ @ Rough Rare (Hyogo, JP) w/ Pwu, bonnounomukuro, Hand Pan Live, Daisuke Iehara

with 原田郁子 at December's Calling

22th December 2016

Ametsub supports 原田郁子 solo performance at December's Calling 2016 @ Ebisu The Garden Hall (Tokyo, JP)

night cruising 10th anniv Final at Metro

23th December 2016

DJ @ Metro (Kyoto, JP)
w/ night cruising

FaltyDL "Heaven Is For Quitters" Release Tour 2016

09th December 2016

DJ @ Circus (Tokyo, JP)
w/ FaltyDL, Daito Manabe, Broken Haze, Andrew (Trekkie Trax)


21th December 2016

DJ @ Contact (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Nosaj Thing, Seiho, Daito Manabe, Aoki Takamasa etc

ENTER.Sake Japan Tour

05th November 2016

DJ @ ageHa (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Richie Hawtin, Recondite, Akiko Kiyama, The People in Fog etc

Terminus. with DJ Nobu & Mod21

19th November 2016

DJ @ Contact (Tokyo, JP)
w/ DJ Nobu, Mod21, Tai T.Ram, Hiyoshi, Chris Ssg etc

Rupurizu "Rezension of Renaissance" Release LIVE

27th November 2016

DJ @ Three (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Rupurizu, L.E.D

otonoha 15th anniversary 2nd

12th November 2016

DJ @ Keith Flack (Fukuoka, JP)
w/ Aoki Takamasa, T.B., Hiroyuki Mori, Hisao

night cruising 10th anniversary

19th October 2016

LIVE @ WWW shibuya (Tokyo, JP)
night cruising 10th anniversary


25 September 2016

w/ Licaxxx, Toyomu, Linn Mori, 田我流

Christ (ex. Boards of Canada)

10 September 2016

DJ @ Super Deluxe (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Christ., Coppe, DJ Kensei, Masaaki Hara, Marx

Plaid "The Digging Remedy" Release Tour Tokyo

27 August 2016

DJ @ Circus Tokyo (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Plaid


19 August 2016

Music of Installation @ Vacant (Tokyo, JP)


05 August 2016

DJ @ Contact (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Gonno, Kaoru Inoue, Xtal, Inner Science etc

Serein compilation including Ametsub new track "Blue Loop" !

Ametsub new track "Blue Loop" is included in Serein's 10th anniv compilation "Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains Vol 1




Serein - Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains Vol 1 /// Serein shop


09th July 2016

DJ @ HOWL (Tokyo, JP) w/ Daito Manabe, Yosi Horikawa, Daisuke Tanabe

"Sky Droppin' EP" OUT NOW !

Sky Droppin' EP is OUT NOW!! from Blueberry Records run by FaltyDL !


Blueberry Records /// The Fader /// Kudos /// Uncanny-zine (JP)

You can buy it from:

Kudos /// Bleep /// Hardwax /// Boomkat /// Norman /// Juno /// Disk Union (JP) /// iTunes (JP)

Ametsub at Rough Rare in Hyogo.

10th June 2016

LIVE @ Rough Rare (Hyogo, JP) w/ Pwu, Halp Tribe, Hikaratama

Ametsub supports Shuta Hasunuma Ambient Set at TAICOCLUB Festival 2016.

4-5th June 2015

Improvised Session @ TAICOCLUB'16 (Nagano, US)
line up with: Arca, Oneohtrix Point Never, Tycho, Taylor Mcferrin +many more

Ametsub at L.E.V Festival 2016 in Spain -10th Anniversary- !!

Ametsub will be playing LIVE-set and DJ-set at L.E.V. Festival 2016 in Spain!

28 April 2016
DJ @ L.E.V. Festival 2016 - L.E.V. Opening Party / Lanna Club (Gijon, Spain) w/ Robert Lippok, Andrea Parker, Robert Lobo, Luishock etc!

30 April 2016
LIVE @ L.E.V. Festival 2016 - Jardin Botanico (Gijon, Spain) w/ Monolake, Biosphere, Robert Lippok, Pole, Kuedo, Dasha Rush, Alex Smoke, Herman Kolgen and many more!

Ametsub - Precipice Drive (Long Edit)

13th May 2016 release

Ametsub - Sky Droppin' EP
A1. Precipice Drive (Long Edit) A2. Precipice Drive (FaltyDL Remix)
B1. Sunglare Drive B2. Sky Droppin'
12"/ Digital from Blueberry Records | details here

selfservice vol.06

09th April 2016

DJ @ Ekoda Buddy (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Daito Manabe, Little Blue, Shakuji Live meets 志人 etc

Richard Devine at Contact

08th April 2016

DJ @ Contact (Tokyo, JP)
with: Richard Devine, Aoki Takamasa etc

TRANSIT No.31 Release Party

19th March 2016

DJ @ Vacant (Tokyo, JP)
with: TRANSIT magazine

Report :
TRANSIT magazine - Talk Event / 佐藤健寿 x Ametsub

TRANSIT magazine - Talk Event / 佐藤健寿 x Ametsub

05th February 2015

After graduating from Musashino Art University specializing in photography, Sato began searching out and documenting "strange phenomena around the world". Employing both a natural history and aesthetic approach to his photography and writing Sato has released best selling books: "The Wonderland's Heritage", "The Wonderland’s Heritage 2" (X-Knowledge). TRANSIT will held the commemorative talking event that released a book called "Beautiful Wonders of the World", a special edition of TRANSIT magazine featuring the works of Sato Kenji. We will invite Ametsub as guest whom Sato Kenji loves and respects and, they talk under the theme of "going on a trip, making it". They will talk each other that they got it with a past trip there about correlation and the production episode with the work of them.

The Exhibition "From Caves To Space" / Photographer, Kenji Sato

29th January 2016

(DJ) @ ROOTS to BRANCHES To mark the beginning of the show a reception will be held on opening day. Frequent collaborator and renowned producer Ametsub will be DJing, while the exhibition launch will also coincide with the release of "Beautiful Wonders of the World", a special ed of TRANSIT mag feat. the works of Sato Kenji.

Anchorsong - Ceremonial Release Party

17th January 2016

DJ @ Circus Osaka (Osaka, JP) w/ Anchorsong, magical mistakes, mightwhlaes

omni sight "eternal return" release tour with Ametsub (DJ)

6th Nov 2015 @ Fever, Tokyo

20th Nov 2015 @ Vio, Nagoya

11th Dec 2015 @ Metro, Kyoto

Wonderful Moon Night on Sunday : no.9 x Networks

11th Oct 2015

DJ @ TsukiMiruKimiOmou (Tokyo, JP)

Arpa Showcase feat.
Floating Points

19th Sep 2015

DJ @ Womb (Tokyo, JP)

Frasco -opening party-

25th Oct

DJ @ Sounds Terrace (Tokyo, JP)
w/ agraph, Yuki Matsumura etc

Iris Van Herpen - Exhibition - in Japan. BGM : Ametsub

21th Aug - 6th Sep 2015

@ Seibu Shibuya (Tokyo, JP)

Tujiko Noriko Live in Tokyo

24th August 2015

DJ @ o-nest (Tokyo, Japan)
w/ Tujiko Noriko, Tenniscoats, Hachisunoito, Vampillia.

Otonoha in Tokyo

4th September 2015

DJ @ Batica (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Vegpher, Peach Onfuse, Hiroyuki Mori, T.B. etc

TENT x Fairground

5th September 2015

DJ @ Niijima Wax (Niijima, JP)
w/ no.9 x Tomoya Ito, Auto&mst etc

night cruising feat. MATMOS & JEFF CAREY JAPAN TOUR 2015

24th July 2015

DJ @ Metro (Kyoto, JP) w/ Matmos, Jeff Carey, Marihiko Hara, shotahirama, Madegg

NETWORKS "Dynamic Nature" release party

15th August 2015

DJ @ Unit (Tokyo, JP) w/ Networks

tigerMos 1st album "TIGERMOS" release event

16th August 2015

DJ @ Tokuzo (Nagoya) w/ tigerMos

Gray Area in San Francisco

2nd July 2015

LIVE @ Gray Area (San Francisco, US)
with: Michna (Ghostly International), Nicola Cruz

Priceless Festival 2015

2nd-5th July 2015

LIVE @ Priceless Festival (Belden, North San Francisco, US)
with: Ruxpin (n5MD), Michna (Ghostly International), Nicola Cruz &more


30-31th May 2015

Mbira + DJ @ RBMA stage, TAICOCLUB'15 (Nagano, JP)
line up with: Autechre, Clark, Boredoms, Nosaj Thing, Monolake, Sons of Magdalene, Svreca + many more!

Ametsub supports 原田郁子 solo performance at GREENROOM Festival

23th May 2015

Support 原田郁子 solo performance @ Humming Bird Stage, GREENROOM FESTIVAL (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, JP)

Roel Funcken (Funckarma) / bvdub / Headless Horseman

02th May 2015

DJ @ WWW (Tokyo) w/ Roel Funcken (Funckarma), bvdub, Headless Horseman

SOCiAL FUNK! 2015 spring -Organ Donor-

11th April 2015

DJ @ clubasia (Tokyo) w/ no.9(DJ), metome(DJ), DJ Funnel &more

selfservice vol.5

28th March 2015

DJ @ Ekoda Buddy w/ DJ Kensei, Aoki Takamasa, DJ Emerald &more

Bonobo at UNIT

06th March 2015

DJ @ Unit (Tokyo, JP) w/ Bonobo(DJ set), Jonny Faith, Sekitova

Tetsuya Hikita+NIL "Ferry" release party

29th March 2015

DJ @ Kata (Tokyo, JP) w/ Daisuke Tanabe, Yosi Horikawa &more

shotahirama Stiff Kittens Instore Live

01th March 2015

DJ @ Tower Record Shibuya (Tokyo) w/ shotahirama

Ametsub at Sónar Reykjavík 2015 !!

Ametsub will be playing Live at Sonar Reykjavik 2015 in Iceland !

13 February 2015
LIVE @ Sonar Reykjavik 2015 - SonarPub / Harpa Concert House (Reykjavik, ICELAND)
Sonar Reykjavik 12.13.14 February 2015 / line up with: Skrillex, SBTRKT, Jamie xx, Jimmy Edgar, Ryan Hemsworth and super artists!

MOVING x night cruising

08th February 2015

LIVE @ Metro (Kyoto) Ametsub (Experimental) x Akira Miyanaga (Movie), Madegg x Takcom, intext
DJ RAIJIN, Tatsuya Shimada

smoug - The Long Morning Counterclockwise (Ametsub Remix)

24th December 2014 release!

order now on Linus Records

12th December 2014 release!

Lamp (12inch + CD) Limited Edition

PLAID - Reachy Prints - Audio/Visual Live in Tokyo

19th December 2014

LIVE @ Unit (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Plaid

Polar M "Hope Goes On" Release Party in Tokyo

21th December 2014

DJ @ Super Deluxe (Tokyo, JP)
w/ Polar M, moshimoss, rimacona, haruka nakamura etc

Loscil / Arovane Japan Tour 2014 !!

Ametsub supports Loscil / Arovane Japan Tour 2014 !!

22 November 2014 LIVE @ Circus (Osaka) w/ Arovane, Losicl, Eadonmm, Lady Citizen(DJ)

24 November 2014 LIVE @ Metro (Kyoto) w/ Arovane, Loscil, Lady Citizen(DJ), Tatsuya Shimada

26 November 2014 LIVE @ WWW (Tokyo) w/ Arovane, Losicl, Daito Manabe(DJ)

YELLO's BORIS BLANK picked Ametsub album on his "10 Favourite Electronic Records" at FACT Magazine

with Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk etc! http://amass.jp/47068/

Ametsub - The Nothings of The North

re-issued as nothings66 edition.


Welcome Rain - U-zhaan x Ametsub

Ametsub joined U-zhaan's first solo album! w/ Cornelius, Ryuichi Sakamoto, ハナレグミ, Hifana, De De Mouse, Babui, agraph! 8th October release!

night cruising 8th anniv feat. Preco Night at Metro

19th November 2014

DJ @ Metro (Kyoto) night cruising 8th anniversary feat. Preco Night

Oval feat. Ametsub

Oval (Markus Popp) selected Ametsub to the improvisation laptop session as "Oval feat. Ametsub" in Kanda Industrial Festival

12th October 2014 Improvisation with Oval @ Dommune Kanda Industrial (Tokyo, JP)

-Special Showcase in Tokyo- THROWING SNOW

26th September 2014

DJ @ Unit (Tokyo, JP) w/ Throwing Snow, Submerse, agraph

Red Bull Music Academy Presents EMAF TOKYO 2014

19th October 2014

DJ @ Liquid Room (Tokyo) w/ James Holden, Matthewdavid, Untold etc


19th September 2014

DJ @ Unit (Tokyo) w/ Actress, The Bug, Goth-trad etc

22th September 2014

DJ @ Circus (Osaka) w/ Actress, The Bug, 1945 a.k.a KURANAKAetc


27th September 2014

DJ @ Batica (Tokyo) w/ Vegpher, Tyme., little side effect, Mori, T.B., DJ Emerald etc

Morph Festival

15th - 16th August 2014

LIVE @ Freebird2 (Seoul) w/ moskitoo, Tyme, Aoki takamasa, Primula x Masaki Watanabe, Fragment, Vegpher etc


20th - 21th September 2014

DJ @ Tamagawa Camp Village (Yamanashi, JP) w/ DJ Gonno, Netoworks, Kaoru Inoue, Killer-Bong, cro-magnon, Doravideo etc

Andrew Pekler & Jan Jelinek Play Ursula Bogner

06th July 2014

DJ @ Metro (Kyoto) w/ Andrew Pekler & Jan Jelinek Play Ursula Bogner, Polar M, SjQ, DJ tsukasa, Tatsuya Shimada (night cruising)

rural 2014

19th - 21th July 2014

DJ @ Mountain Park Tsunan (Niigata) w/ Abdulla Rashim, Ike Yard, Hubble, Benjamin Fehr, Claudio PRC, DJ Skirt, Regis etc

Various Artists "DEU" on Lapsus, Spain

Ametsub joined Lapsus's V/A "DEU" in Barcelona, Spain.
with Plaid, Ochre, Vector Lovers, Kelpe etc.
Only 250 Limited Red Vinyls (2/12").

Primula "My 1st Time" EP including Ametsub remix

with Tengentoppa-kun
23 April 2014 out.

Tycho - Awake (Ametsub remix)

Ametsub remixed "Awake" of Tycho.

18 March 2014 OUT!

I made two videos by myself. taken from my journey last summer(2013). sorry both are not especially technical.., it's just simple.
The first one is "Over6633". Music & movie are a little synchronized. The second one is "66". Hope you like it!

Carsten Nicolai (alva noto) univrs - uniscope version

05 February 2014

DJ @ Super Deluxe (Tokyo)
w/ Carsten Nicolai (alva noto)

Ametsub / moshimoss

live at hamamatsu planetcafe

08 March 2014

LIVE @ KJ hall (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) w/ moshimoss

FRUE - it goes all over the place -

24th January 2014

DJ @ 東京現代美術館 w/ Svreca (Semantica/Spain), Pedro Maia (Visual/Portugal), 阿木譲, Chris SSG